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The mission of company "Volodimir, Ltd":

To promote the development ofthe hotel complexes and enterprises oftherestaurant economy, satisfying their needs in a high-quality and functional kitchen equipment and blameless service.

Our company makesprofessional kitchen equipment (equipment for kitchens, establishments of public food consumption - cafes, bars, restaurants, dining-rooms etc):

* Cooking equipment (electric ranges, bain maries, fryers, frying tops, steam table, pasta cooker);

* Refrigeration equipment (refrigerated tables);

* Self servicelines (which includes: showcases and refrigerated counters, bain maries of the first and second dishes, neutral counters, cash desk counter and counter for flatware and trays);

* Stainless steel kitchen furniture (exhaust hoods, t ables, sinks, shelves,shelvings ,cupboards; cabinets, racks; bar/beer stations;

* Trolleys (for dispensation and collecting serving trays);

*  Inventory (shelves;racks, standsetc.).

The catalog of products manufactured by "Volodimir, Ltd." You can download here:

Company "Volodimir, Ltd" also specializes in designing and complex equipping:

* Establishments of restaurant economy (cafes, bars, restaurants, canteens) - with kitchen equipment;

* The whole area of distribution (hotels, pensions, sanatoriums, recreation centers, VIP-hotels) - with showcases, furniture.

On the basis of equipment of own manufacture (www.volodimir.com.ua ) and production of companies such as: Rational (www.rational-online.com/RU_ru ), OZTI (www.oztiryakiler.com.tr ), HEIDEBRENNER (www.heidebrenner.de ) , Scancool (www.scandomestic.dk ), Polair (www.polair.com ), Robot Coupe (www.robotcoupeusa.com ).